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***movii parvae et interrupti***
By: Esther Powell
Posted on: Thu, March 01 2012 - 5:24 pm

***movii parvae et interrupti***

3-1-'12  A Better Life:  Wow, another hard to watch illegal immigrant film.  Better the film than the life!  Talk about mixed messages we U.S. citizens give:  yes, we want you we need you - no we don't - yes we do - no...  well, this isn't all in this film, but maybe we see el otro lado en este pelicula!

3-2-'12  Invictus:  After all the screen (and real life) suffering, a serious but still warm (sorry, not fuzzy!) story about South Africa and Mandela.

3-3-'12  Layer Cake:  Watched this thriller with less twisting of the gut than I experienced seeing A Better Life.  Well, maybe it isn't even supposed to be a thriller.  The anti-hero makes crime seem like no fun at all.  And actually, the rewards don't seem worth it or even attainable.  Is this a form of morality play?

3-5''12   Butterfly Kisses:  Egregiously outrageous, nasty behavior ends up (paradoxically, maybe) provoking some serious thought and mental questioning in the viewer.  You won't, at least, forget about this one in a hurry!

3-6-'12  Hammett:  This was a kind of camp, evocative bringing to life of Dashiel Hammett and his genre.  Unfortunately, maybe the loose thread random structure of the occurrences is less convincing in this film than in the reading of his works.

3-?-'12  Black Narcissus:  We enjoyed the gorgeous scenery and the insanity, both evil and harmless.

3-8-'12  Exit Through the Gift Shop:  This true-life video is also mind-boggling fantasy. 

3-9-'12  Don't Come Knocking:  Mostly great for the scenery, but still worth seeing for the story.  This man's past comes to him in spades!

The New World:  Visually beautiful but boring.  Stream of unconsciousness inaudible.

3-10-'12  Valentine's Day:  We enjoyed this star-studded Valentine.

The Razor's Edge:  Read the book, and never forgot it.  Saw the movie and never forgot it, either.   A little lecturing for today's taste, and it's hard to believe that the lead's spiritual - oops!  Don't want to ruin it for you.  Did this movie fuel a generation's travels in India?

3-14-'12  L'Enfant:   A scenario I haven't seen before, and well enough done.  To forgive or not to forgive?

Winter Stallion:  Maybe the stallion is a winter one, but the people aren't.  A farm girl going out in a blizzard without a hat.  Sure.

3-15-'12  Midnight in Paris:  I liked it, but the hero's words sounded like Woody Allen and his voice and accent sounded like Jimmy Stewart.  My partner says that is how Owen Wilson talks, but I haven't felt that way in his other movies.  I just couldn't feel he was entering into his character.

3-16-'12  Accidental Husband:  We laughed, we enjoyed it, albeit in my case not without disapproval.  Oh, really.

3-17-'12  Autumn Hearts:  These autumn hearts spoke to ours.

3-18-'12  Little Women:  Having read the book as a girl, I only watched this with resistance as being too goody-goody.  Sarandon and Ryder (poor homely little thing - don't you just feel sorry for her?  I mean, really!) and the others did well, but still... well... goody goody. 

3-19-'12  Hachi:  Story about a man and a dog that made me cry.  If they ended it sooner, several kleenexes would have been saved.

3-20-'12  The Maiden Heist:  Good-natured and gentle humor about good guys going bad.

3-21-'12  Friends With Money:  Kind of engrossing but I'm hard-pressed to say why.  Such flawful people!

3-23-'12  The Other Guys:  Very funny, very worthy of repeat chuckles - sometimes.  Scenario:  Laugh, snooze, ha-ha, snooze, ha-ha-ha-haszzzzz....  My partner analyzes not a good enough story line.

3-24-'12  Father of the Bride:  Spencer Tracy more of a victim than in the Steve Martin version, but not so sympathetic that you can't laugh.  Weddings are very forgiving of the old black and white.

3-25-'12  Everything Must Go:  Will Farrell does a good job in a serious role.  Not really grown-up, but serious.

3-26-'12  Me and Orson Wells:  Kinda bogged down for a while, but stuff finally happened.  How can you get fired if you aren't even - whoops!  Don't want to ruin it for you!

3-27-'12  The Guys:  An appreciation of how 9/11 affected all segments of society, and the need for all available tools.  Touchingly personal.

3-28-'12  The Future:  Spare your future by skipping this one.  Weird, and not in a good way.  Is this supposed to show how alienated a generation is from social interaction?  Or is the tenor of this film just a consequence?

3-29-'12  Larry Crowne:  Improbable?  Well, isn't that what most comedies are at the very least?  We found this one endearing and entertaining.

3-30-'12  Honey:  A wholesome film for anyone, and kind of uplifting entertainment.  Of course, anything with dance is likely to be pleasing to me, even if the motion of the dance trends low, as hiphop does.  Appropriately titled, it is sweet.

4-1-'12  I Love Phillip Morris:  Russell speaking, and Tillie Williams would love them both.  A weird story.  We started laughing a lot, even when Russell does damage to himself, then somewhere the action begins to seem very real.  Pathetic and convincing.  Hmmm... appropriate that we saw this film on - oops!  Don't want to ruin it for you!

4-4-'12  Love Actually:  We actually loved it - a Christmas tree with many talented ornaments.  I mean, star-spangled in spite of being set in England.



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