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Rumilluminations Now
By: Esther M. Powell
Posted on: Mon, March 01 2021 - 10:44 am

March 4, 2021
Madison, IN

Yesterday I heard for the first time that the supporters of insurrectionist Trump were going to make a move and he would be reoccupying the White House.

Today on the news I heard that the threat was also against the Capitol and that Congress has been suspended for the next few days.

So far, nothing.

The rising of the river has made more of an impact on my days lately than anything else, although the murder of a darling little boy upstream in Ohio makes me a little worried about what I might encounter while walking the edges of the flood.

Today I walked downstream, crossing lands whose ownership is unknown to me just to stay close to the edge of the flood. It's as if the trespass of the water gives me permission to do the same.

I don't think anyone minds; we all feel the same way. I saw one couple standing fishing in the middle of Plum St.(?), blocked from vehicular by the city because of the flood.

One wood has been tempting me particularly. It has undergone significant thinning in the last few years  and now has a path going through it. I don't know what structure used to occupy that land, but it definitely had some civilized function; daffodil shoots are growing there.

The loss of trees and other vegetation makes me sad. It used to be practically impenetrable - the home of foxes.
Now I haven't seen a fox in years.

March 3, 2021
Madison, IN

I love meteorological Spring, March 1.

It is Spring! The day is glorious and the spring flooding is underway. The Ohio River is at action stage, scheduled to reach its height tomorrow or Saturday.

March 2, 2021
Madison, IN

Corona virus deaths in our county, Jefferson, have reached seventy-three. Deaths in the state of Indiana are 12,595.

It's mind-blowing; but getting online to see if it was one of the top causes of death in 2020 and seeing that Covid19 is not even mentioned on some sites is even more mind-blowing.

No wonder we have confusion about what is fact and what is fiction.

I think, therefore I think I am. But most people don't even know I exist. So do, I really, or am I thinking in someone else's imagination? Even a hack romance writer's concept of an old hag - or worse?

Hmmm... I do believe my mind has blown long since.

What gives?

March 1, 2021
Madison, IN

Most of the year I don't think about it, but when it rolls around I think of March 1 as one of my favorite days of the year. Banish February! Bring on the lion! March 1 is truly the beginning of the end of winter.

Sadly, I did have a wonderful single statement punchy epigrammatic observation that I did not write down and of course forgot.

Not perhaps too cheerful a way to say farewell to winter.

Well, perhaps a goodbye would be a little premature, but I genuinely can say, "Hello, light! Welcome home!"

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