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June, 2023
By: Esther M. Powell
Posted on: Fri, June 02 2023 - 11:15 am

June 10, 2023
Silver City, NM

I am pretty high on life right now because I saw something I have never seen before: a deer walking right by my house. I have seen them here in the neighborhood but never right by my dwelling. I also may have failed to report that we have an owl living nearby. I am told that particular hoot is a great horned owl.

I mentioned to an acquaintance who, as it turns out, lives on Brewer Hill across the creek, rattled off a plethora of wildlife that visits his place also near the downtown area. Even if you do not see them it is good to know they are there.

Near our house I see lots of cats - and I have smelled skunk. Whoopee.

June 9, 2023
Silver City, New Mexico

Maybe it is the Year of the Hollyhock in Silver City. They are really happy to gather in some yards - even uninvited, I hear. Then some of us send the equivalent of engraved invitations, planting seeds where they should be quite happy to grow, one would think, and they do not respond even to care.

I fall between these two extremes; I gather seeds of my preferred colors, and throw them where I hope the weed-whackers will not feel the need to go. Nothing has come up yet. Maybe I will try something else next year something that takes a little more effort.

But will that work? I really feel for the woman that plants in vain. Hollyhocks sprout and bloom from the gutters, for pity’s sake! And the plant blooms in its second year, which means the bloomers have survived over a year.

It is almost comical - but remember - we laugh at what gives us pain.

June 6, 2023
Silver City, New Mexico

Today is bright and quite windy here in Silver City. Last night I did not need my comforter at all so I spot-washed some stains acquired over the last winter so I held it out to the wind from my porch and let it get tossed around for a while. Between the sun and the wind it dried out some and fluffed up. I felt a little silly but it was kind of fun. Your average kite-flying failure is no more fun than watching my outdoor dryer at work. I will take the comforter to the laundromat to clean it better before I store it for the summer.

Turns out the current fire started May 18 from a lightning strike and as of two days ago was 13% contained. The Gila Forest remains open.

Good news in that respect at least. It sounds as if this fire is accomplishing some of what a controlled burn accomplishes, helping to avoid more uncontrollable fires in wooded areas.

June 4, 2023
Silver City, NM

Yesterday evening I took a friend to see the artichokes in the horticulturalist’s garden at the Western New Mexico University garden and the way we passed one of those magnolia trees with blossoms as big as plates. We smelled nothing. I wondered if the dry climate dried the blossoms up enough so that they just do not smell as good - as I have observed in roses. Then on the way back a mere twenty minutes, we were bathed in a wonderful fragrance and there was the magnolia! I am glad the climate here fails to suppress its exuberant offerings!

Speaking of roses, a number of the bushes I pass by seem to be drying up already. It is not late in the season, I do not believe. Maybe gardeners are not considering he lack of rainfall enough when they are watering.

Having said that, the lilacs in the yard where I live are not getting enough of something. I water them occasionally, but evidently not enough.

Agaves continue to grow fast and set buds, and today here on the city property of the Visitor Center a cholla has beautiful fresh flowers.

Yesterday I saw the biggest most beautiful patch of larkspurs I have ever seen - grown from seed yet! I will have to find out the technique of that gardener!

June 3, 2023
Silver City, New Mexico

This morning the eastern horizon looked suspiciously smudgy, and sure enough, there is a fire. And has been since March 14, when lightning started it! So far it is 0% contained but only grassland and small shrubs have fallen victim to it so far, I am told. Plant life, that is. I have no idea how many small creatures have fallen victim to it.

June is typically dry here, so although there are over 100 people are working on containing it, they are going to get no help from nature.

June 2, 2023
Silver City, New Mexico

It was with a heavy heart I went to the gym yesterday, but it was not so bad. In spite of the fact that I missed Labor Day workout, I did not seem to lose any strength. In fact some of my muscles were stronger! (I wondered if they adjusted the machines.) I have seemed to lose strength when it comes to operating the rear delta machine. Maybe eating more protein will help.

Every once in a while I try to speak to someone there. Silly me! Many wear earphones most of the time. Yesterday, though, I heard a real human voice singing along with the music that was already playing. In tune! It was like seeing a new kind of blossom for the first time. It made me happy and lightened the end of my workout.

Walking through the campus after my workout (I am always happy then!) I went past the horticulturalist’s garden and saw - artichokes! The had already gone from flower to fruit! I want one - I wonder when they will appear in the stores.

The weather continues clear and gorgeous, and I heard a rumor that the NOAA predicts we may have no monsoons this year. That is a very scary prospect.

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