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Aester's Latest Fables
By: Esther M. Powell
Posted on: Wed, February 02 2011 - 10:33 am

Piglet is Silent

Piglet is won't speak to me.

She is angry with me because I suggested she change the spelling of her name to Piglut.

I was just trying to make the spelling more phonetic!  (Er, I mean fonetic!  Or, I mean, meen!)

She has turned her butt on me, or I meen to say but... she doesn't I meen duznt think she deserves to be called glutinous (or is it gluttinous?) (although if not maybe she should not confront me with the maximus evidence of it.)

Well, I don't know why I should care anyway whether she speeks to me or peeks at me anyway.  All she duz is eet and eet and eet.

It's hard to believe there is anything she wants to be de-served of.  I can't help but believe I mean beleeve that she is de-serving of anything at all!

How did my stories start turning into rants?  My muse has turned silent and duznt do anything but eet.

Its all Piglut's fallt. 

Pigmentations from 12 inches under Snow

Piglet doesn't give a figlet.

She's not feeling lighthearted enough to be playful.

She is contemplating being sprighthearted, though - come spring.

Currently (or well no, because the current is frozen!) she feels sober adulthood approaching.

Maybe we can fend off such mature misfortune until spring - or better yet, another future spring!

I'm willing to help her if I can.  I've never been a real fan of premature growing up.  No one, I'll be bound, has ever accused me of it!

Her increased weight (not necessarily spiritual), which she considers progress towards her spherical ideal, has inspired her with the desire for a new name.

Zanypiglet is no more!

She is pupating in preparation for her emergence in Spring as

Pig Zaftig!

Piglet, not quite zaftig enough after a lean dry winter, greets the morning by scrunching back further into her not-yet-greening winter thicket.

She hears the sleepy warble of the robin, but she can tell even the robin is just talking in his sleep.  It is shadowy dark and somehow the bitter cold has managed to return.

The snow has all melted - for now - but neither she nor the neighboring woodchuck (or groundhog, or marmot or whatever he is!) is ready to leap yet into this particular Spring day!

It's good to know, though, that more and more hibernating critters will be out and about, leaving the pigs' existence a little less solitary.

Yeah, yeah (grunted assent) competition galore for nuts and seeds, fruits and heady green weeds, but still.

Interesting critters!  Intra-species squabble and drama!

The idea almost fires Piglet up.

But not yet, not yet.  The light may be coming back, but there's nothing but mud and twigs for it to illuminate now.

The whole bleak winter's scant leftovers.

Slack Pretendsions

Piglet is lying down on the job.

She's not hungry enough to dig for those truffles right now, but she isn't about ready to let anyone else get at them.

They aren't really "ones" anyhow - not to speak of.  Just potoots and whoofers and tweeters and other insignificant whoos.

She gruntles a big sigh.  Bored, boared, she imitates a board.

Piglet better watch out!  I might get bored, and then where would she be?

Nowhere literary!

Flies' Eyes

Zanypiglet, or Pig Zaftig, or whatever she is calling herself these days, is having an identity crisis.

She just heard a quote from Winston Churchill:  "Always remember, a cat looks down on a man, a dog looks up to a man, but a pig will look man right in the eye and see his equal."


Piglet has no problem with the equality part.  She looks at everybody with equality.  (Not with regards to food portions, of course, but that is different.  That is a matter of need.)  Otherwise, Piglet knows she is equal with every living thing.

Although she is wondering, now, a little.

If a cat looks down on a human, does that mean a cat could look down on her, her Herness the Queen?  Unthinkable!

(Of course, Piglet acknowledges to herself, she does occasionally see a housecat looking down on her from above in the trees, but still....)

When she looks into a cat's eyes, does the cat really see an inferior?  Or does Piglet see an inferior reflected in a cat's eyes?

Whose eyes count, anyway, and does it depend which direction she is looking?

Piglet does like dogs, though.  She's glad they at least give the impression of being impressed with her. 

Of badgers, Piglet thinks they do not see beyond their noses unless whatever-it-is qualifies as "relevant."  (Piglet has noticed she never does.  Piglet becomes Invisiglet! around badgers.)

How about a doe's eyes?  Does are so gentle, Piglet thinks, that questions of inferiority or superiority could just not arise.

How about a flies' eyes?  Flies' eyes are multiple!  If Piglet looks into a flies eyes, will she see multiplicity?  Multiples of herself?

Oooooooink!  The scariest idea of all!  How could Piglet be multiple?

There can only be one Queen of Her!     

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