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By: Esther M. Powell
Posted on: Mon, September 02 2019 - 6:46 am

October 8, 2019
Madison, IN

The intense strong love of so many people for animals these days is almost enough to make me believe in reincarnation. After all, we have more humans living on the earth now than in all the past of the earth.

Where have all the souls come from? Maybe from animals.

This idea has perhaps been inspired by a book I am reading called The Good, Good Pig, whose author confesses to preferring the company of animals to that of humans.

I am not one of that number, nor do I necessarily believe in reincarnation. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

There are stranger explanations for the nature of our internal worlds.

And what a fun pastime it is, speculating as to whether human predators have the old used souls of eagles or tigers or cobras and where their spirits might go from here.

Not to mention mine. Maybe next time round I'll go hang out with the horses.

Not the dogs. No way.

October 7, 2019
Madison, IN

The other day a young man of my acquaintance held up his phone and said, "We don't need politicians! We have these! We could vote with these!"

Yay! True Democracy, I respond.

And then, ever the contrarian, I think, but what about hackers? Of course, that is happening already in our elections.  Cheating of all sorts.

And still later I am ruminating. The vote is not a magic genie. We would still need administrators. Someone (many ones) would have to make real the desires of the American people. How could the people who wanted managerial positions not be, effectively, politicians?

As for those who think all governments are evil: governments are set up partly to protect us from scofflaw anarchist bullies like you. Too bad so many non-humanists manage to infiltrate and pervert its proper function.

Come to think of it, it's kind of like religion that way.

Oh, but my friend holding up his phone that way reminded me in the middle of a night of dead batteries that I could use it in spite of its despised small screen to Google wonderful stuff.

What did I discover? One of Alfred Steiglitz's Reflections photographs! Mesmerizing!

I'll vote for that!

October 2, 2019
Madison, IN

A week ago today our town unexpectedly lost its mayor. I had met him a few weeks before and would have guessed he was in his midfifties, but no. He was sixty-six. Still, sixty-six is young!

I felt bad for him. He had not been planning to run for reelection and now he would miss his retirement! I wondered if the stress of his job had gotten to him.

The next morning I felt a mild wave of envy. Mayor Welch didn't have to deal with all this anymore - this being the town's problems of the homeless, meth-heads, suicides and traffic - and Trump's America.

Then the weekend came, and Chautauqua, our wonderful arts and crafts fair. Why could not he have departed after what is  my favorite weekend of the year? He missed the best time! Of course, perhaps, being mayor, he did not feel the same way I do about Chautauqua.

I did not know the mayor well. Probably his death affected me so strongly because he was seven years my junior. It brought home to me the reality of my mortality in a way that the death of my parents did not. The possible immediacy of my own death. Creepy!

When I walked out this morning many of my fellow citizens seemed exceedingly cheerful. Here it is, the first week of October, and the sunny summerlike day is likely to be a hot record breaker.

It is definitely, as one of my greeters observed, a great day to be alive.

September 21, 2019
Madison IN

Ha, ha the other night I woke up in the wee hours and couldn't get back to sleep so I read a novel via Kindle for an hour or so. The read was pretty lively and my mind felt awake enough, so even when my eyes closed I tried to keep reading through my eyelids. It didn't work so eyes closed, I put my device down. That's a first in my experience. 

September 15, 2019
Madison IN

Yesterday was a special day in Madison. The folks commemorating the Pony Express came through. Due to an unfortunate accident in which one of their number was hospitalized only two made it to the Saddletree Factory where HMI was hosting free tours and hot dogs and sausages, but the horses were lovely and gentle. For the first time ever I had a horse drinking out of my hand (so to speak.) We had a couple of big galvanized bathtubs but when I took much smaller plastic replicas the horses actually wanted to drink straight out of those while I was still holding them. What gentle charmers!

Makes you realize how impossible it would be to bring elephants water like this. Imagine the thirst of those huge critters!

There would have been five horses if everyone had made it. We would have needed every one of those containers, metal and plastic both.

HMI hopes the best for the whole group of riders and hopes we can meet them next year along with those who delivered mail to our post office this year. The weather yesterday could not have been more ideal.

This morning I went on a walk around town and saw songbirds dead on the sidewalk in two different locations - I believe a warbler and a wood thrush. This is unusual enough that I'm wondering why, and not at all happy about it. Is it possible that they could have died of thirst this close to the river? I'm afraid pesticides and herbicides are more likely culprits.

September 7, 2019
Madison, IN

I ate my cereal sitting on the balcony this morning, looking at the Ohio River. The lights along the riverwalk, I notice, have all been changed to LED. They look a little bit blue. Even later on my walk, the closest they came to warm was a little greenish tint, probably caused by the old globes.

The switchover to LED light gives me a little glimpse into how people must have felt a century ago when electricity took over the world of lighting. How cold and static it must have felt compared to a live flame!

And before that, how small and insubstantial a candle or lamp must have seemed compared to a roaring fire. 

The young today probably don't feel the difference so much. They only know what is their world and they tend to accept it for what it is. After all, what choice do they have?

I must confess, though, that the one thing dT wants to do that I secretly want, is to not make incandescent bulbs illegal and eventually unobtainable.

I would like to warm myself by the fire just a bit longer, please.

September 2, 2019
Madison IN

Rumilluminations had to go bye bye because I am increasingly uncertain about illuminating much of anything.

Am I getting older and slower along with my device?

Ha, ha, dimmer?

I'm past it.

While in bed during the night I had a little play on words around that short sentence, but I've lost it now.

I used to write almost every day. Now I forget - or the grooves of common use send my tapping fingers first into Free Cell or Facebook.

F-words along with February fake fatuous fumes forgot flatulence frigid

Fewer must be a cuss word or maybe politically incorrect now, right?

I feel (oops!) as if using English the way I was taught may have become an insult to my listeners - an act of political incorrectness, if you will.

In the past I never bothered to change what I said or the way I said it depending on my audience. I felt it would be artificial and patronizing. Then when I was speaking to my children I learned that if I didn't pitch my voice higher I couldn't catch their attention.

Now I have come to believe that most of us are children and I sure don't have the smarts to speak the language that will engage the attention and acceptance of other merely humans.

Who am I to even try? Why am I so desirous of attention? Of self-expression?

At best I guess I hope to be of occasional service - like a grater. When you want it you really want it.

Ha, ha, a voice of grater america.

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