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movies at home on the small screen
By: Esther M. Powell
Posted on: Mon, October 01 2012 - 1:51 pm

Oct. 24, '12  Campfire:  Interesting - a Israeli family drama about people proposing to settle the West Bank without a single gesture of attention towards the larger picture!

The House Without a Christmas Tree:  A TV drama not recommended for adults!

El Bola:  Interesting tale about an abused boy.  Some great modelling in here of parental behavior both bad and commendable.  (We have seen so many foreign films about little boys and relatively few in which little girls are the chief players.  Why is this?)

Oct. 21, '12 Sure have gotten behind in my reporting!

Wilde:  Stephen Frye plays the literary genius and is totally convincing.  I had heard a little of his imprisonment, but I had no idea of its - but no, you've got to see it!  Makes me want to read a biography.

Barry Linden:  This movie is a portrait.  Awesomely beautiful and depressing, too!  Stanley Kubrick kind of went from one extreme (Clockwork Orange) to another. Interesting.

Oct. 4, '12   The Passion of Ayn Rand:  Given its limitations as Rand's story told from Barbara Branden's point of view, it seems pretty accurate and I think well done.  Lots of good actors!  The first twenty years of Rand's life are barely referred to, and that's just as well, I guess, when talking about passion.  Know too much more and the story would become Compassion for Ayn Rand - and this movie does tell where having that would get you!  Oh - another big omission - nothing at all said about the fact that she was on benzedrine for decades.

Oct. 1, '12     Before Our Eyes:  It would be heartwrenching if it weren't so nonmelodramatic.  When children behave better than their elders - in Kurdistan. 

Sept. 29, '12     Beeswax:  Lax and lazy as I have been, I had to start talking about movies again to pan this one.  Boo!  and Boo! again!  We would like to start a lawsuit - against this movie group who has wasted our time with this one.  No motion, no endearment, no nada.  These characters lives are way more boring than mine.  The only thing my partner has to say to the Beeswax people is, "Buzz off!"  My comment? "Zzzzzzz..."

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